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Cube/Warmer Tips

Sometimes an open flame is not preferred for a number of reasons.  Dogs tails are a hazard, assisted living doesn't allow open flames, or you just like to mix up scents.  Fragrance cubes and warmers are the perfect solution.  I have my favorite candles that I burn on a regular basis, but sometimes I use my warmer and fragrance cubes to enjoy something different!  Following is some information that will help you get the most out of your Blessings fragrance cubes.

Using your cubes:

Place a cube package in the freezer for just a few minutes.  This will allow you to pop the cube out of the package and break off the desired number of cubes.  Then just place the unused cubes back in the package for future use.

Another way, and my personal favorite, is to open the cube package and just take a sharp knife and lightly run across the top of the package, approximately where the dividing lines are on the cube package.  Then when I want a cube, I just simply push the bottom of the package and the cube pops up.

The number of cubes you use depends on the area you have them in.
Blessings fragrance cubes are so heavily scented that I can put three cubes in a warmer tray on one side of my home, and it will almost fill my entire home.  I would suggest starting with one cube and adding another if needed.  One cube will fragrance a large room.  And you can mix scent cubes to create your own unique fragrance!

Candle Warmers & Tray:

The candle warmers and trays can be used two ways.  Remove the tray and sit your favorite candle on the warmer for flameless burning.  You will get about the same amount of time out of the candle as burning it.  Once it is melted, simply remove the wicks and discard them.

When burning fragrance cubes, place the tray on the warmer and turn it on.  Place desired number of cubes in the tray and allow to melt.  Once they are melted they will release fragrance.  One thing to note is that once your home is filled with fragrance, it is going to last for several hours.  I turn my burner on for about an hour and then turn it off.  If I leave and come back a few hours later, my home still has a wonderful fragrance when I open the door.  Once your cubes have stopped emitting fragrance when melted, it is time to replace the cubes.

Cleaning the Warmer Tray:

To clean your warmer tray use one of the following suggestions.  Allow the wax to harden and cool.  Then place the warmer tray in the microwave for just a few seconds and the cubes will slide right out.  Then take a paper towel and wipe the tray clean.  You can also have a container that you use to pour the hot wax into.  Then allow to cool and discard the container.  Use a paper towel to wipe out tray and you are ready to add more cubes.

Enjoy your candles and cubes, and always remember to not leave open flames unattended, and remember to turn your warmers off before leaving your home.

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